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Big Dogs Catch Big Fish
I don't have a big dog like this one, but if I did, it'd be fun to see him do this once or twice. I wouldn't let him do this though (doesn't seem very right for the fish, you know?) but the guy who owns the dogs explained that these fish were at the end of their life cycle anyways, and the fish were released so that nature could take its course naturally (aka, let the bears eat them!)
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I don't think those guys are labs! But, looks like they were having fun. I do hope that its true that the fish were almost finished. Either way, that's the way nature is, I guess.
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@happyrock Ah, good point. Let me fix that. I'd like to see this for myself!
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What great fishing companions; I want one, too
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@yakwithalan Check your local pound ;)
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