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I am a man who loves using topwater lures. What I've learned after fishing for both LMB and SMB over the years, though, is that it's not just the fish that love topwater lures. It's me! I love that pop pop pop you hear as it slops towards you through the water. Still, as we move into fall, and sometimes in other seasons, too, I've learned that bass like something more fluid and quieter as well, even if I don't love it as much because I lose the beautiful sound. This lure that I have found is the Rapala Skitter Walk. I'm sure there are similar imitators (since it's been around since 2002) but I've stuck to the original. There are 20 colors, in painted or chrome. They're 3 1/8 inches long, and are waited for good walk the dog action. If you want something a little bigger, try the saltwater version (4 3/8 in size). I'd recommend using a baitcaster over a spinner for these heavy lures (just my preference) and on mono in 14# (at least) to cat a nice cast and retrieve on it. This lure really works in so many kinds of conditions. Some of them being: - calm waters - overcast skies - clear waters - thru light surface weeds - for fast retrieves - for waters with smallmouth and largemouth - when bass are jumping - when its just a bit below 60 and the above conditions exist! Anybody else like this lure? Give it a go! If you want the louder version, stick to the skitter pop!
@happyrock @yakwithalan Yeah I pretty much mean "this is a lure for a ton of conditions" lol
Absolutely fantastic lure. He's right though @happyrock you can use this in so many cases @mcgraffy
According to your list of when to use these, it seems like I should be using it ALL the time lol @mcgraffy