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Dynamic Lures J-Spec jerkbait is pretty unique. The way they move is erratic, making big bites when you get them. They're especially good for smallmouth bass, particularly in shallows, but if you're looking for a good suspending bait for nearly anything this is the way to go. This is a really great jerkbiat for under $10. You're getting your moneys worth; trust me. If you want something slightly smaller, try the Dynamic Lures HD Trout, which was pretty popular, too. One of my favorite baits for targeting finicky wintertime bass is the jerkbait. When the temperatures plummet, and the water is crystal clear, jerkbaits can be incredibly effective when trying to trigger the strike. By throwing a jerkbait, and mimicking a dying shad, you’re giving wintertime bass exactly what they want; an easy meal that doesn’t take much energy. I really love suspending jerkbaits and keep one tied to a reel at nearly all times. I found this video from Andrew of Ragas Fishing that does a great job of showing off this and other Dynamic lures that are great--check them out.
I'm not really big on dynamic, but I haven't tried this one. @yakwithalan I'll trust your judgement and get me some before next year
@happyrock Yep! You really can't go wrong with that unless you're not hitting the right areas, I think. @yakwithalan Glad I'm not the only one who likes em
I can vouch for these ones, too. They work well in october for me though I've abandoned them sinc ethen
Mimicking shad has always been one of the most successful techniques for me, bass will go after those when they're hungry when they'd rarely be willing to chase anything else