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I haven't seen many posts on the dramas I'm currently watching, just wanted to see if there were more fans of the same show. 1. birth of a beauty (2014) romcom with great chemistry between the two leads. han ye Seul is the female lead, she was also in couple or trouble which I also enjoyed. older dramas I've just finished but enjoyed: 1. you are the best, Lee soon shin IU is the female lead, she plays a soft character that often doubts herself but later shows that's she's a flexible character. she sings in a few scenes but not too much. 2. Blade (iron) man it's heavier in dramatic scenes than the first two but I enjoy watching Lee dong wok and shin she kyung. dong wuk plays a sort of robotic character with moments of childishness as the drama progresses. he was also in scent of a woman with Kim sun ah. ah man that drama was super depressing but overall great drama. the heavy moments were held together by Kim sun ahs awesome performance . oh and she's also in My name is Kim Sam soon, a light and comical drama. 3. Surplus Mermaid/Princess surprisingly this drama was more like a one shot. the episodes went by fairly quickly and there were few times of sad scenes but most of the drama was character building and quirkiness. 4. the mystery housemaid for me it was a gem. I didn't expect the plot twists and the subtle elements of warmth that the female lead learns chips away at your icey heart in time.
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@callmekaren you should, it's hilarious :) Netflix or YouTube has em
I'm loving this drama..
Has anyone finished Blade Man? I wonder if you have the same questions that I do even when you have watched the whole drama. I really liked Suspicious Housekeeper too, it was really different but good.
@redmondson I haven't yet but I did start it. I got too lazy waiting for it but now that's its complete o.o
yeah I'd look good too if I had plastic surgery. I won't watch her shows anymore. she was pretty before.