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Watt had his third touchdown reception, two sacks, forced and recovered a fumble for Houston. Watt has 11 1/2 sacks and five touchdowns to make him the first player to have at least 10 sacks and three or more touchdowns in a season. Does he deserve to be the MVP? The last defensive MVP was Lawrence Taylor in 1986. I like his chances so far. Ryan Fitzpatrick came back from the dead to throw 6 touchdowns which tied a franchise record. While the Texans will definitely look to draft a QB next year, Fitzpatrick showed that he can still play. The Texans future is also bright with DeAndre Hopkins who had a career-best 238 yards receiving and two scores. The Texans may have a hard time making it to the playoffs this year but the future seems bright. They need to capitalize on their talent in Watt while they can. Do they draft a QB or make a run for a trade?
They need to hurry up because Foster is probably done after this or next year! Hopkins looks like a stud though
Give Watt the MVP already... but Rodgers will get it since he's a qb
So many people were talking about how they overpaid him. Obviously not lol