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1. A Classic Dress Shoe There are two basic styles for classic men's dress shoe: Oxford and Derby. Derby is less formal and easier to get on your foot as the laces are quite flexible, while the Oxford is more formal while being tighter at the laces and, generally, slimmer. Perfect for cocktail parties, first date, or work. 2. The Loafer A low-cut, slip-on laceless shoe that can be worn both casually and formally. While loafers generally have plain designs, they can have range of interesting patterns and features. Perfect for any occasion! However, for formal occasions go with a classic dress shoe instead. 3. The sneaker Don't confuse it with a runner (New Balance cross trainers). Sneakers come in a myriad of different styles, a personal favorite is the class Chuck Taylor Converse All Star. They come in a wide array of colours and are an incredibly versatile shoe. Perfect for a casual stroll down the streets or whenever you want to feel relaxed and comfortable.
perhaps expand this list to include different styles for the colder seasons. Like DannyDeManny said, loafers aren't exactly great for the winter months.@DannyDeManny
@stargaze Loafers are great in the summer when they can be worn without socks, but wearing them in the winter with socks kinda misses the look plus your toes get cold.
I love loafers on guys. It's stylish and casual!