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Minimum of 50 wins needed to qualify. I don't think anyone is surprised that Bill is number one. Who do you think is the best coach in the NFL?
@EightyNine that and I wish he had more morals. He doesn't care about what a player does off the field as long as he produces on the field... @Spudsy2061 yea well the NFL isn't a stickler on rules, which might explain their current predicaments lol
@Goyo Agree with you there. Even without Brady I expect Belichick to win
Only coach I see up there without an elite qb is John harbaugh.
Belichick is definitely the best coach. He has been for a long time. How that can even be a question at this point is beyond me. He is not a good person, but as far as a coach... well I cannot think of anyone who can surpass him
@Goyo Talent maybe but in a plethora of other sports he'd a been banned for that stunt. He'd a had a 5 year layoff if it was cricket, probably a season if it was the Premier League. He got a fine of chump change and didn't even lose his job. Where's the justice in that? Asterisk I say. Asterisk.
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