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I travel all the time and I can tell you quite proudly that after booking my flight and hotel room, I plan my meals. Sure museums and monuments are important, but chances are these sites are going to show up throughout your trip no matter what you do. I scour travel boards and restaurant reviews hoping to find must-try foods and hole-in-the-wall eateries that will help me draw the rest of my path. I even did this when I would visit my cousin in New York. We would make our way uptown from Washington Square Park in a zig-zag depending on what food we decided to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a cafe or two in between) One of my favorite vacation memories is the picnic my family and I had on the island of Burano near Venice. Sure, the colorful houses were gorgeous, but stopping at the fruit stand (that was just a pile of fruit in a boat), grabbing some bread and cheese, and sitting in the shade with my mom and dad was something I'll never forget. Or when I was young and riding the carousel that sits between the Seine and the Eiffel Tower and was treated to a hot dog inside a baguette. (Definitely my dad's favorite meal we had in Paris) Potato Leek Soup in a cafe near Salisbury Cathedral, lunch on the boat cruise down the Danube, or hitting every single ice cream shop near Stephansplatz in Vienna. Food makes memories, and that's what vacations are really about. Don't cop-out and settle for McDonalds unless you're really in a jam. Try something strange on the menu that you've never had. Splurge a bit on one really great meal! Through your food-ventures, you're introduced to new cultures, new places, and a local way of life all while enjoying the company of people you love. Yes, be sure to spend a day at the Pompidou if you're in Paris, but remember to stop in their cafe to take advantage of their breakfast menu!
I'm pretty sure my sister just finished touring through Europe with food in mind the entire time!
Food first, massages/relaxing second, sightseeing third!
I couldn't agree more! I plan my entire LIFE around my next meal :)