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Up-cycle an old boring vase to a decorated flair with simple arrow motif. Supplies: An old vase (clean and dry) Americana Gloss Enamels paint in White from DecoArt Scotch tape A small, flat paint brush Scissors Paper towels Instructions: 1. Place 4 long strips of tape running up the sides of the vase. Make sure they’re evenly spaced! 2. Cut smaller strips of tape to make the outlines of the arrow shapes. If you want all of your arrow columns to be the same height, repeat the same tape placement for each, but I wanted mine to alternate, so I taped 2 of my columns a bit lower. 3. Once all your tape is in place, add a coat of paint in one direction. Once you make your way around the vase, you’ll be able to add another coat in the opposite direction. You’re supposed to wait a while between coats (and you can, if you prefer), but I found that you can achieve a really cool “loose linen thread” effect by adding another coat quickly. 4. Once the paint is dry to the touch (after about 15 minutes), carefully peel away the tape and you’re done! If you peel away too quickly (or before the paint has fully dried), some of your edges may peel away with the tape. I like those imperfections because they make the design look a bit worn, but if you’re not a fan of that, follow the instructions on the bottle and wait until the paint is completely dried.
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This could be such a pretty gift, too! Maybe for mother's day, or mom's bday?