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Little known fact about GTA V, while playing in first person mode the hue of the game will change depending on the type of glasses you are wearing. The attention to detail in this game is truly remarkable! The guys at Rockstar really know how to think things through to the point where it almost seems crazy. I mean really, someone had to make filters that are associated with sunglasses for a game that is SO much more than that!
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This is awesome! I was wondering why I had a pinkish hue on my screen... @blackofwhite You mean in the cars?
yup Lol
Hahah yeah, it's a nice feature! I really am loving the first person mode too :D
I love it when developers really get into the nitty gritty details. That's what really puts the best games over the top in many cases - in my opinion, anyway.
Rockstar are incredible, it's interesting how they are constantly firing and hiring people so they always have the best of the best, I'm not sure I'd mind getting kicked from Rockstar though, that would be an impressive addition to any résumé in the gaming industry :)