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But it's ridiculously cold out here in the northeast (as you can see with the snow in the background)! Still skatin', though. Was working on my stand up slide swag for a couple of hours last afternoon. I'm gonna do a dance and brush my shoulders off once I perfect this. ;D
@EugeneAlcantar Ah, I'm just doing the standing one so no gloves needed! xD it's cold tho so I wear gloves lolol! @BenKaplan lol it's sooo true!!!! I think I'm close to getting it all the way through. Maybe work on speeding it up, and I gotta use my hips more.
@BenKaplan so about those skate swag videos.... Lol no excuses! ;D @EugeneAlcantar I'm determined to flat spot my wheels hahaha!
haha we are literally in the situation! same level and same weather xD @mpoblete
@BenKaplan yea, toeside. My torso hurts like a B
haha 180s are easier than colman slides for me xD
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