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Weh Island, at the westernmost tip of Indonesia, is a great option for those seeking a getaway to unspoiled lands. White-sand beaches, crystal-clear sea and waterfalls are just some of its must-see sites. If you are lucky enough to visit the island, here are some places that you should not miss out. Sumur Tiga Beach Sumur Tiga Beach is one of the most popular lodging areas. Staying here allows you to enjoy the longest span of white-sand beach available on the island. Iboih Beach Iboih Beach is also a popular lodging area. Many of the resorts here are built right on the beach, meaning you can see the sea floor from your room without even having to dip in a toe. Iboih is equipped with a jetty as well; the perfect spot for your mellow late afternoon horizon gazing. Rubiah Island From the beach, cross over to nearby Rubiah Island to do some snorkeling. The coral reef ecosystem around Rubiah might not be in the best condition, but there are plenty of colorful fish to keep you entertained. Kilometer zero monument The kilometer zero monument is another place you don’t want to miss when visiting Weh Island. Inaugurated in 1997 by then vice president Try Sutrisno, the place is a great photo spot. Japanese fortress The Japanese fortress, though more a collection of pillboxes than a full-size fortress, is also an interesting spot to visit. We recommend arriving early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise views, as the fortress is placed on a small green hill close to the beach. Pria Laot waterfall Pria Laot waterfall should be next on the itinerary. To reach it, take a short 1-kilometer walk through forest along the river. The waterfall might not be too high, but it is certainly tempting to take walk in under the torrent of water. How to get there Balohan Harbor provides the only access to Weh Island from the mainland. The public ferry crosses the sea twice a day to the harbor at Ulee Lheue port in Banda Aceh. The trip takes 2.5 hours. Fast boat transportation is also available starting at 9 a.m. Once you arrive at the island, find a minibus to visit the sites or to take you to your hotel. The price for the minibus is fixed, so you pay less the more passengers there are. Other transportation options include pedicabs or motorcycle taxis. There are also motorbikes or bicycles available for rent.
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