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Pope Francis is urging Muslim leaders worldwide to "clearly" condemn terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. "I told him it would be wonderful if all the Muslim leaders of the world - political, religious and academic - spoke up clearly and condemned the violence which damages Islam," the pontiff said. "That would help the majority of Muslims if that came from the mouths of these political, religious and academic leaders." The pope went on to acknowledge that current global crises had generated a danger of all Muslims being tarred with the same brush. "It is true that in the face of the acts being committed not only in this region (Iraq and Syria) but also in Africa, there is a certain reaction of repulsion, as if that is what Islam is," he said. "I get angry, so many Muslims are offended and say 'we are not these people, the Koran is a work of peace'." I'm glad that such a leader and symbol for so many religious people has made this type of stance, unfortunately I don't think many Muslim leaders (who don't already condemn terrorism) will listen.
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It doesn't seem like this step will do much, but that doesn't mean it didn't at least need to be said.
luckily I am an Atheist Power to Science and Mathematics also logic
@TeamWaffles Sadly, it seems like they might not react at all.
@hikaymm Yes, I definitely agree. I never meant that it shouldn't be said, I just meant that I am unsure how those who need to hear this message the most will react.