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what can I say, I love embankment lol
I can see why you love it! You have a good eye for capturing its light and structure. It's one of my favorite places in the world, too :) It's challenging to get clear shots for the night ones - I think the strongest ones are the ones in which you play with color (or black & white tones).
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Whoa the last edit is really interesting! I've definitely never seen Big Ben look like that before!
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@sanityscout thanks, I would love to try do photography for gigs and such one day. I only have my phone for pictures so they aren't as great as they could be. it is one of the best places for images in London. yeah I agree :)
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@kristenadams I think on that one I chose a section of my image to be negative. I like how it focuses mainly on the ben. :)
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