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Pictures of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith were recently released. On October 12, pictures of Lee and Kim massaging each other’s shoulders were released. Even though the two stars are involved in a sad love on the series, they are having fun on the set during the break. Lee and Kim are very busy shooting the series but they worry and take care of and encourage each other. They also practice a lot together to portray their characters well in the series. Their hark work was praised by the entire crew members. A spokesperson for the series says, “Even though they are exhausted shooting the series, they always create a happy atmosphere on the set. The two are working in great harmony and performing as a beautiful couple on the series.” The nineteenth episode of the series will air on October 15 at 9:55 p.m. Source: TV Report
Lol I hope Kim Hee's husband won't get jealous
love them as a couple..adore the series.
you should to see this photo lee min ho and kim hee sun message each other