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...it would have wound up looking something like this. Look, I'm not trying to tease too much, but come on! I loved the trailer for the new Star Wars film (though I'm not sure what I'll actually end up thinking of the film) but I'm really glad someone went to town and made a bit of a jab at Lucas. Okay, a big jab. But really, we can't go crazy making fun of Lucas. While he’s neither directing nor writing the movie, the story concept is his and he was on set as a creative consultant. I think that @sanityscout and @handregrub might enjoy this one :) What taunts can you see aimed at Lucas in this remake? Add yours in the comments!
@drlizardo @sanityscout It's just all so painfully true lol
LMAO, @timeturnerjones, I am crying right now! So funny. I agree - I feel kind of guilty because I'm a big fan of George Lucas and the original movies, but this is just too hilarious...
ha that's kinda accurate lol