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So first of all thanks to @kpopandkimchi for tagging me to do this :) Oh and @nenegrint14 I believe you wanted to see this :) Hi I'm Matthew, And I'm a pretty big Kpop fan (obviously) and a totally unashamed fanboy XD and I may be slightly addicted to CL and Hyorin, no one can prove anything though! Lol I should also state that I am generally a fan of music, not just Kpop, i love music from places all over the world, Kpop, or at least Asian music, is still my favourite though :) My introduction to Kpop came in 2012 (yeah I'm pretty new to this scene) when one Saturday afternoon I had just come home from work, my family were all out, so I decided to switch on the television to see if anything interesting was on... (I suppose before going any further I should explain that in Australia we have a program on SBS called PopAsia, two hours of non stop Asian pop) ...So I flicked through channels until I came across PopAsia. I have attached what I saw, which was unfortunately the end of the show, so I only saw the one video, Sistar's Alone, but that was enough to get me intrigued by Kpop. I quickly found the song on iTunes and haven't looked back since XD. Although Kpop is influenced by the West I personally find it higher quality than most of what the West has to offer these days. When people ask me why I listen to Kpop when I don't understand it I say this "Good music has the power to transcend any language barrier" that ,and that I'm learning Korean, and want to go to university in Korea XD My favourite Kpop artists: Girls: Sistar, 2ne1, F(x), IU, BESTie, EXID Boys: BTS, U-Kiss, Bigbang Of Course there are many others but these are my absolute favourites. Ultimate Bias: can't choose between CL and Hyorin. I'm tagging my little sister @jiggzy19 to introduce herself to all of you as well :) So yeah there's some basic information about me. It's great to meet you all :) I post Kpop videos mainly ,but I will start posting other stuff too, like my thoughts on various Anime, so you can follow my collections if you like, that is if you want to see what I'm interested in XD Credit to Starship Entertainment for the video :) Thanks for reading God Bless :)
I started listening to K-Pop in 2012 too! We can be semi-newbies together. f(x) was my first girl group. I thought Sulli always wore the coolest clothes in her music videos!
So glad to have you in our community^^
Ohhhh Damn Sistar........... !
Omg there is so much in this post that excites me haha. 1. you should be obsessed with them. anyone who isn't has issues haha 2. Alone is one of my favorite songs and dances so the fact that it was your first is awesome! 3. I completely agree they took it and ran with it and made it so much better haha. 4. people ask me that all the time. I absolutely love your response! I will have to keep it in mind for the next time :) thank you for doing an introduction! !
@honeysoo thanks I feel so welcomed :)
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