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Pictures of actor Song Joong Ki were recently released. On October 12, KBS’s series Innocent Man released pictures of Song with the caption, “Ma Roo is drawing clouds on a wall.” On the scene, Song (plays the role of Kang Ma Roo) meets Moon Chae Won (plays the role of Seo Eun Ki) for the first time in a year. Moon draws a picture of Song and Song sees her on his way to home. Then they make a new story on the series. In the pictures, Song is wearing a navy shirt and black pants. He is drawing a lot of attention by brushing back his bangs to reveal his forehead. Song is also having fun drawing the clouds with a blue crayon on the wall. People who saw the pictures responded: “He looks really good with his new hairstyle.” “He is so attractive.” “I didn’t know Song was this attractive.” “Song and Moon look good together.”
How can I not love him...
an intense wonderful series