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now that giveaways are done
I hope that the community will still drive to keep this awesome community active even after giveaways.
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@EmilySalzsieder it does but our numbers haven't dropped at all now that the giveaway is over and I doubt they will but this is a great community
3 years ago·Reply
haha guys it gets better everyday. all of you are awesoem!
3 years ago·Reply
I aint goin' no where this is my stress reliever :-)
3 years ago·Reply
Same here @AlainCasimiro! I don't post a lot, but I find this community really entertaining. A good 300 or so active people really makes a difference! Best of all, we all share the same passion!<3
3 years ago·Reply
@EmilySalzsieder I wonder where are the other percentage of the people I hope they don't trashtalk us lol xD secretly
3 years ago·Reply