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the only thing I hate about where I live are me and my bro are the only people who ride in this whole neighborhood :/ so it does get boring every now and then
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I live in Virginia @pangzoo10
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Then we meet in so Midwest/Mideast some flat ass town rofl
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i wanna go to colorado again i love it there..and @MicahKnopp thats not too far frm me haha about 10 hrs away
3 years ago·Reply
haha yeah, but you should definitely go back to Colorado if you get the chance @pangzoo10. That's what I'm planning on doing. lived there for 3 years, and I really miss it
3 years ago·Reply
i usually visit my cousins there once a yr..but didnt get to go this year :( @MicahKnopp i miss it too..but yess deff planning to go back!
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