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Hi Everyone I am Sahar my new life motto is "Respect accept and love each other with their differences". ok thats enough about me since this post is 4 my love of animes. Hell yeah I love animes I think 4 me it all started from pokeman i don't really know if that will really count as anime . But I was damn into pokeman as a child. And Yugiho is my 2nd top favorite. As I grew up my love 4 anime kind of faded but i have gotten back to it because my brother has been pushing me so hard on checking out some of the best animes he loves. So some of the animes I will recommend for few I have watched are. 1)Angel Beats (My top fav one) 2)Attack on titans 3) Magi (The labyrinth of Magic) i just finished this one and its really a great sweet anime. 4)Avatar if that one count its surely in my list 5) Bleach and Naruto actually these ones i kinda have to check out myself 6)Pokeman and Yuhgi -oh if those counts hahas you can laugh at me but those are the ones that were able to shine my childhood. 7)One Piece (Do Check it out) no need to go on with it but do check it out its a masterpiece. I still have to watch a lot more animes i hope everyone else can recommend me some more animes. I am looking forward to having fun with everyone here in the anime community.
@sherrysahar Attack on Titan is incredible! I really hope that they bring it back for a second season. Have you read the manga? It is getting really twisted and complicated lol
@sanityscout don't waste your time on the live action Dragonball film that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back... Honestly it was in my opinion worse than the live action Avatar the last airbender
@sherrysahar yeah I have heard that there is going to be a live action movie. I don't know why but I fear those movies after the Dragon Ball live action debacle. I am hoping that you are right, though. Such a great anime deserves to be made into a great live action movie
thank you Everyone @ChessMyers yes sword art online is surely on my list thanks @MattK95 hahas exactly what I was used to do to in the weekends :D @Goyo hopefully they will make the season 2 I hope so by the way have you guys heard they are making a live action movie on the anime series i have seen the posters it looks good lets hope for the best.
@sherrysahar why would I laugh I used to sneak out of bed extra early on weekends to watch Pokemon and Yugi-oh lol
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