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Has anyone encountered or experienced where your longboard is at stake?
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@ThomasOwen good for yah
3 years ago·Reply
yea when this shit for brains ran me off the road and tried to run my board over
3 years ago·Reply
when this dick head tried stealing my board at the store
3 years ago·Reply
@AdairViramontes :D so what happened to him "trying" haha
3 years ago·Reply
@AlainCasimiro when we go in to store usually they dont allow skateboards in so you leave them at the door inside the store. so i left my board to go get a brisk and when i went to the desk to pay theres a guy who looks around and grabs my board, i quickly went up to him and asked what hes doing and he answered back with leaving, i told him of thats his and he says yes, after that i snatched it from him and said not it isnt right after i took my board back he took off running.
3 years ago·Reply