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This MV is 2PM "I'll Be Back" from Still 2:00pm with Eng Subs I actually can't believe I found the exact MV i first listen to after watching Dream High. For me the whole journey of entering and loving kpop all started from Dream High , I must say. Dream high is an an amazing musical show. I learned so much from Dream high , I was able to realize the hidden music talent of KPOP from Dream High. Its not like I didn't know about kpop before watching Dreamhigh but I must admit , I was a bit hesitant of loving music in another language which I wasn't familiar with. Or maybe I was just 2 busy with just watching Korean Dramas. And I really was n't sure what Kpop really was, hey I was new to this korean stuff so I was exploring it and trying to understand it as much as I can. So it all started with Dream High when I got to know about taechyon oppa I googled him but realized he was a member of a band 2pm. Thats when I started watching their MVS and this was the first MV I ever watched of 2pm. I love the choreography in this MV and I love the ending. Then it all started for me to watching few KPOP MVS NONSTOP. And I discovered many other kpop bands, and learned to love kpop. And I can surely say I was addicted to it. My favorite kpop bands has to be 2pm , 2am , Super Junior, Big Bang , Shinee , jyj and SS501. I also love BTS and EXO. @Kpopandkimchi thankyou for tagging me :) and I am loving the KPOP community here in vingle.
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I never actually finished dream high, but I want to watch it again just for kim soo hyun hahaha
thanks Everyone and yes I highly recommend Dream High to you all :)
I miss the days when I would spend hours on youtube watching every kpop mv i could find hahahah great intro!!
@kpopandkimchi lol i can't believe i actually did that 2 few times :D nice to meet everyone here in the kpop community thank you 4 the tag @callmekaren nice to meet you actually shinee was my 2nd kpop band :) lets have fun here tgthr everyone
I just saw 2PM last week. They're so talented! Jun.k is my favorite, but I can appreciate some Taec and Wooyoung. Dream High was a really great drama!