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I have compiled this short educator - In this short film, you'll see how imperialism of the western countries and corporations has been sold by the Media, as a Quest for Freedom Peace & DEMOCRACY. The Propaganda Machines of The American Empire sells war & tyranny to the World in disguise of People's Revolution on Live Television. One of the greatest Hoax & Manipulation. Wars waged 'AGAINST' Democracies are sold as Wars 'FOR' Democracy. You just have to see it to Believe it...!! After seeing the video, ask yourself - Does everything you see in the News is, A REALITY OR JUST A MANIPULATION OF CAMERA ANGLES & FRAMES....????
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I am hispanic, as I said. There is no reason to send me to hell lol. I understand your anger, but as I said, this is about changing the real problem rather than blaming a people or not. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi
Power or No Power - That ain't the Issue here..!!! The issue is, who gave these American-European thugs to determine other country's and it's citizens Fate....?? None.... Even if we have a problem in our country, thats our problem, not theirs....!!! who the hell are they to determine Venezuela's or Iraq's or any other country's future? We, in India, we have every problem that a person can imagine of, but that doesn't mean that an American or European has a right to tell to us that Do this & Don't Do that...??? Our Reply - Hell with you...Mind your own damn business...Period!!
I understand the perspective and the last lines of this video as a Hispanic, and a national from a neighboring country of Venezuela. Very often we have felt that the superpowers of the world have used our countries in the way they see best fit. It has not only been US administrations, but Russian, Japanese, British, etc The reality though is that every country tries to do that. They look out for what is best for their country first. I would, however, not label a nation as evil or anything just because of a particular administration. Because if were to do that, then we would label almost every single nation that, as I am positive every nation has lobbied to protect their interests