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ZE:A’s Siwan finally confesses his feelings for Jung So Min in a TV sitcom. The last episode of MBC’s daily sitcom Stand By that aired on October 5 featured Si Wan preparing himself to say goodbye to his loved ones before he leaves to study abroad. He presents Jung So Min with three teddy bears and says, “They are my ‘alter egos.’ They will stay with you and replace my absence.” Each bear has his recorded message, and the last teddy bear says, “I love you a lot, noona.” Embarrassed and confused, Jung asks, “What is it saying?” and Siwan replies, “I like you a lot noona. I’m not sure if it’s right to confess my feelings at the moment, but my heart wouldn’t change.” Just like that, he manages to confess his feelings like a man before he leaves for America for academic reasons.
sorry for being so clueless.. but what's that?
its a sitcom
what is this ????? drama?