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We Got Married: ZE:A’s Gwang Hee is at risk of getting divorced?
Is ZE:A’s Gwang Hee at risk of being the first WGM star to get divorced? He recently felt intimidated when his onscreen wife, Secret’s Han Seon Hwa, threatened to divorce him. On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on October 6, Seon Hwa took Gwang Hee to task for having flirted with all the female celebrities while shooting a Chuseok special program featuring legions of idol stars. The jealous wife pointed out: “I saw you whispering in other girls’ ears.” The embattled hubby sought to get out of hot water, saying, “I was talking about you.” Seon Hwa, however, cried out, “Such a liar. If you get caught telling lies three times, we’ll have to call it quits.” Intimidated, Gwang Hee helplessly fessed up: “Talking about you and some other topics.” The angered wife gushed, “Two more lies will get you a divorce,” threatening her hubby. The timid yet sweet hubby was too afraid to shoot back and had no choice but to agree with his wife in silence.
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