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My buddy once said that the kook thing to do is to not wear a helmet. I couldn't agree with him more! People out there neglect the helmet saying they look stupid, but I'm here to prove y'all wrong (lol). The owner of my local skate shop was kind enough to let me try on as many helmets as I wanted, so I picked out some Triple 8s, and they're really not that bad! I would say I only disliked one of them!
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@surfsUPbruh you should get one, dude. It's essential.
I ordered the black triple 8 with yellow straps, it came all black, Bummer...and I don't like white but it works for you
@drlizardo you should tell them! Maybe they'll let you keep both!!!
That was months ago....I just kept it.
I didn't think of that would have been good to try @mpoblete