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This lure would have been perfect to buy at Halloween! It's made by Japanese lure artist Yoshihiko Ando of A. H. P.L. or Ando Hand Painted Lures. Are these ghouls? Mummies? Zombies? Either way, they're pretty awesome. It seems like if you want to purchase these lures you'd have to do it through their site, which is only in Japanese. I heard there are online shopping services you can use to buy it though! (
is that the box that it comes in behind it? So sick!! I wish there was an easier way to order them, though
The detailing on such a small lure is really crazy; really a piece of art more than just a fishing lure
@mcgraffy Do you know anything else about how to order these? There's really no other sites that provide em?
@dougjohnson Not that I've been able to find yet...sorry doug.