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this is an awesome anime thriller about a boy who transfers to a new school where students keep dying and he tries to solve the mystery behind it. it all has to do with a girls death that happened years ago. definitely one that you should check out!
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its great! if you watch it let me know what you think. although i will warn you, i was a bit confused for a lot of it.@sanityscout
I watched this with a friend and some parts were freaky Lol but the plot overall was good. I enjoyed it :)
oh also mirai Nikki is a good one to check out if you havent yet
lol @blackofwhite now I'm getting nervous...but that's also most anime haha and it didn't stop me before! :)
@sanityscout its freaky but in a good sets the mood for mystery way Lol. you'll enjoy it in the end xD and good to know.