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There's a ton of different lures here, but they're all somehow neon colored! They're all pretty amazing lures by Japanese lure artist Yoshihiko Ando of A. H. P.L. or Ando Hand Painted Lures. I'm a big fan of the ones in the first photo: they're so bright, and glow in the black light! Not sure how that'll help you, but I have a feeling these would get a pretttttty big bite. It seems like if you want to purchase these lures you'd have to do it through their site, which is only in Japanese. I heard there are online shopping services you can use to buy it though! (
@happyrock @dougjohnson @yakwithalan I'm constantly impressed by what I see from these guys!!
Im glad to see a proof shot that they work in this set--there's just so many that seem too crazy to catch anything
All of the lures from AHPL really have such character lol I feel like i'm getting a friend not just a lure?
I'm not sure why the blacklight paint is necessary, but the design of these guys is pretty fun. I really like the design in the 4th set!!