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So I filmed this for you guys. Mainly @EugeneAlcantar. BAREFOOT!!! I was outside smoking a cigarette, messing around on my step brothers double-kick; he's the one in the thumbnail by the way, and I got inspired to film one because I was on a roll. By on a roll I mean I didn't crash. At the end I tried to do a 180 to slow down before I got to a wet-spot. The board gripped up, and bucked me off. I hope you guys enjoy
oh.. foot. damn I cut my toe open some how on the pavement. not good lmao
@KTM2014 Haha that's funny bro
@EugeneAlcantar yeah dude it was my stupid butt. it's all good. The pavement makes your feet burn like hell! I compare that to standing vicious grip-tape. it was crazy, but awesome
@KTM2014 ouch though that fucking sucks
That was supposed to say "Damn bro how do your feet feel?" haha But Damn bro that sucks. Also I love how you put your dumb butt at the beginning
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