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My longboard video from a little while ago. Still progressing a lot so not the best of slides in here, they're okay though. Check it out please!! :)
Thanks! @micahknopp @ktm2014 yeah I was riding my these wheels and the liam Morgans in this video aha. Ignore the hands down toeside too, I've been working on my toeside standies. But thanks!!!
Klaire is right this is pretty awesome. The music makes it @crazyheart you might dig this. Looks like you found some nice buttery wheels man!
this is awesome!!!
Yeah haha I've been kinda dinking around with the drifts on straightaways, I gotta find a corner with some actual speed into it to try drifting it though @ktm2014
No sweat @steezster toe schmides still sketch me out. work on the on glove and grabbing rail with the the opposite hand. that's how you drift! Push ups are fun though man. never talk down about yourself:P
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