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Happiness is spreading drop by drop. Each drop, when dropped into the happiness lake, blows out happiness like in a volcano. And she is dancing on the middle of this lake. This lake is her kitchen and she is the chief of happiness. Of course she is a vegan. She is using the magical creatures of dame nature. While she is dancing, she is cooking at the same time. She is using the pan as a part of her body. I really can see the spiritual connection between them. She will cook lasagna. One layer will be cheese. But this cheese is not one of you knew. She starts kneading the white cheese. With each touch she is giving her happiness to cheese. I want to hug her behind, hold her hands and want to knead with her. She is using all the spices. On her kitchen table, we can find each and every spices of this world. She is sprinkling happiness with each pinch of spices. She really likes hot, thus she is using so many kinds of pepper. But, I like hot, too. She is playing with the tastes, and starts to put raisins and pineapples to the cheese. When she continues kneading, her happiness protects the pineapples. They are in a perfect harmony. Then she holds out a pinch with her fingers to me. When I taste the cheese, I also taste her. She continues with slicing the zucchinis. She slices so thin that I can see her pupils of the eyes when she holds two slices like glasses. Then a waterfall of spices is spreading happiness again to zucchinis. With each sprinkle I see the flitting fairy dusts. The pan, full of zucchinis, is hosting a pool party for spices. And the olives comes to the party. Black sliced olives are uniting with zucchinis, like yin and yang. At the same time she starts to prepare the tomato sauce. I am grating all the tomatoes for her. She is teaching me how to feel the vegetables when cooking. So, we can share our happiness with each and every member of the food. Although she shares her happiness, her happiness continues to grow. The light coming from inside of her heats me. The only thing I can think is to go to her, like the mosquitoes flying to the light. May be I can die, but it is ok. Now it’s time to create our artwork. Like painting a rainbow without brushes, she starts filling the pyrex. She is the treasure under the rainbow. How couldn’t I notice that? For all those years, I searched for it, and now she is there. And I am very luck, because I am the unique guest of this dinner. If I want, can I stay with her? Can I live this pleasure forever? Can we share a kitchen?
I'm curious to know what this is about!
this is good :) you have a unique way of describing things and its good. truly this was delightful to read.
@WordDoctor actually that was not a tantalizing preview for me. it lead me the idea of writing this. but i still keep the main idea, and it is still perfectly wonderful but it is so hard to write it. maybe for now, just feeling it is still enough for me. but i will write it.
Sorry, I meant to write "astounded."
So glad to see the outcome now! Haha it was fun to have a tantalizing preview. I am astounding by the level of detail in the images your mind generates! It's great that you are able to get it out in writing. It can be so hard to capture all the little details of our imaginations, or to let them wander to wherever they will lead us.
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