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Excuse my terrible selfie with my friend Nick in the background. It's of a shameful quality. Good: 1. Got to board with my buds after school. 2. Got to work on my Coleman slide again today 3. Think I'm getting better at taking my wait off my back foot for slides. 4. I had a hell of a lot of fun. Bad: 1. Fell a lot today. Scratched up both my hips, scratched up my right shoulder and got a little scrape on my ankle (in the second pic). 2. When I fell I cracked the entire screen of my iPod touch. Sorry wish I had more photos but I don't take much while I ride.
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Yo @DanielSpazJames where in va to you live Cuz I can swear I've seen you somewhere before
The Chantilly area.
Not many and if there are hills they have heavy traffic. @RectedQuatch
That's weird I live down in Chester and I could swear I've seen you before@DanielSpazJames