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So, you know how im into freestyle, right? Well, my friends are all basic bitches about filming stuff, and I really wanna make a freestyle edit. Problem is, my friends are basic bitches and they're dicks about this so my question is: is it gonna be possible for me to film an edit on my own, with an iPod touch that only has a selfie camera? (Fucking apple is retarded.) Another question, once I do film an edit, I don't have the skills to actually make it look good so imma need someone to do that, or someone to gimme a name of some free software or something so I can do it myself. Any takers?
@steezus do some still shots too. set your phone against a curb or a rock or something. Hut record walk up the hill, and then you got yourself in the pucture!
If you sed the footage to me I make throw that ish together for a sick edit
I've done it a few times when there isn't anybody around to help film, but it's good to never forgot little things like that. They come in handy
KTM that's a great idea!
I just looked around and the options are pretty slim without a GoPro. It would be easier to find a cool new friend than to make a 3D printed mount lol.
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