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Finger Fishing Lure
This one might be too creepy to even consider. No, I'm sure it's too creepy to consider. Made as a Halloween special, this lure is 3 9/16 long and 7/8 oz. and cost about $8.00 shipped when being produced. Apparently, it's great for blue fish. But seriously, who makes this kind of lure? At least anybody that crosses your line is going to be screaming in fear when they reel in!
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OK i wouldn't call myself squeamish but ew! No thank you, ew!
3 years ago·Reply
Spppoooky! Who even thinks of these? @mcgraffy how did you find this?
3 years ago·Reply
@yakwithalan I do not know the answer to why or who, but I just googled strange lures and came upon this.
3 years ago·Reply
@mcgraffy You were in a strange part of the internet.
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson Yep that's true
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