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Sorry I'm late to the party! Thanks for starting off these introductions @nenegrint14 :) So I'm obviously an EXO fan (more specifically, a Kyungsoo fan haha!) But I first got into Kpop through Infinite. My close friend was a huge Epik High fan (I didn't know anything about Korean music, I just knew he was into a Korean group) and when he found out they would be mentoring a boy band he thought I'd be interested. At first I wasn't really, but then I paid more attention to their dancing and I fell in love. Now I listen to just about anything but I really, really love BTS, EXO, and of course, still, Infinite <3 Let's get a lot of people to do this!!! Love you guys~
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It's nice to meet you!! (^-^)/
3 years ago·Reply
I saw EXO twice! They're amazing dancers! :)
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee WHHHHAAAAATTTTT where??!! How>!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee You're so lucky ^^
3 years ago·Reply
That first pic is sooo cute. Kyungsoo is my bias. LOVE his voice!
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