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Make your nails as pretty as the ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree! Materials: - base coat - your favorite red polish - gold polish - top coat Tools: - nail art brush - black Stripe Rite striper brush - blue Stripe Rite striper brush - yellow Stripe Rite striper brush - green Stripe Rite striper brush Instructions: 1. Start by applying a base coat on your nails. 2. Apply your base color. I love the combination of a muted gold with bright colors. 3. Once your base color is dry, use the black striper brush to create a string that loops and continues from nail to nail. I like to create diagonal lines on some nails, and adding a loop in the string on other nails. If creating loops seems too difficult, stick with straight lines! 4. Dip your nail art brush in your favorite red polish, and paint small ovals that just touch the black lines. 5. Continue to paint light designs in blue, yellow and green using your striper brush. Feel free to go all red or switch up the colors if you like! 6. Once dry, finish off your design with your favorite top coat.
Trying this soon as I get paid.
Awww this is adorable!
@maymay75 lol promise baby!
@Shavon20 Remember to share with us how it goes. :)
Nice! I need to invest in a thin nail brush. @aabxo @ReginaPaigeMcGa @Shavon20 @janekhon You guys might like this!
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