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Finally, a GoPro based video I can seriously enjoy! Using both GoPro and Canon cameras, a Hungarian coffee roaster, Laczkó Gábor, has brought us into the commercial coffee roaster. Really, he tossed some cameras inside (okay, not /tossed/ ) and we are now able to take a look at the dizzyness that goes on in a coffee roasting drum! This video, "Roasted," takes place inside Gabor's roaster at his micro roastery, and we can see the whole process from unpacking green beans to packing up the roasted beans! The best moments, though are those that happen inside of the drum as we spin, spin, spin with the GoPros! Enjoy~!
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@timeturnerjones I know! I guess with GoPros, a lot of new things seem possible, so people end up trying stuff like this XD
Now we can start our own roasting plant! Finally!!
@danidee We NEED to get on this!! :)
@hikaymm Maybe we can pitch it to the owners of Vingle. Vingle Roasting Company.
got dizzy watching the video