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Every year I make these with my students, and every year I have to look at this tutorial to fold the paper the right way! I didn't have it handy today, and we made lots of mistakes. Now I see exactly where I went wrong! Be sure to look at the images so you fold your paper the correct way! We use leftover paper from printer mistakes, and I also bought a package of blue printer paper just for this project. Because of the number of folds, you want to use thin paper, NOT construction paper. Last year I did this with younger students using safety scissors, and we broke about 10 pair before I realized the problem was not the students, but the thick paper:)
There's a beautiful book titles Snowflake Bentley about the man who spent years photographing snowflakes--way before digital photography.
The little boy I tutor just learned how to make paper snowflakes last week, and now that's all he ever wants to do!
I love making these!!! it's time to cover my windows in snowflakes :) thanks for the reminder~!
Great tip about the weight of the paper! Also, now I want to go find some books with snowflake patterns at the library :)
Paper snowflakes were some of my favorite things to make as a child! Something about them is so magical and exciting. The best part is the unfolding!
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