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Okay so my setup is a rayne reaper (top mount) cloud ride mini ozones (65mm), and gullwing sidewinders and I need new trucks but I'm not sure what to get. I definitely want them in black. And my friends both have caliber II's and I kinda want calipers, but then again I wanna try something different. Any ideas?
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in my opinion if you are going to do downhill calibers are the way to go.
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yeah those arent the best trucks to put on that board haha. If you liked the feel of your friend's Calibers, definitely go for them man. If not, you could try Paris like JcubStone said, but imo theyre kinda too leany/loose for me. Atlas, Bears, and Randals are all good options too
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Alright. Thanks for the help man @Shulace
3 years ago·Reply
calibers or paris id say!
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