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This recipe is for each 12.5-ounce bottle you want to make. For smaller bottles, use a few less beans and as much alcohol that fits in the bottle. Author: Carla Cardello ( Serves: One 12.5-ounce bottle Ingredients 12.5 ounce glass bottle 8 whole vanilla beans 1 1/2 cups vodka (preferably 70 proof/35% alcohol), bourbon, brandy, or rum Instructions Slice each bean once lengthwise, open it up a little bit, and place in bottle. If you're using a smaller bottle, cut them into smaller pieces to fit inside. Pour alcohol of choice into the bottle, completely submerging the beans. Seal the bottle then shake a few times. Store it at room temperature out of sunlight for 6-8 weeks (the longer, the better). If giving as a gift beforehand, write a "Ready To Use" date on a homemade label.
Vodka?! Really? I never would have thought of this, thanks for sharing!! And thats such a good idea @caricakes :)
If you put these in a really pretty bottle this would be a great holiday gift! Just needs a nice ribbon :)