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Guys if this video isn't enough evidence to wear your helmet, than I dont know what is. I have goosebumps right now, they nearly got run over. Stay safe everyone! as @mpoblete says, "helmets are kewl!" :) Longboarding: Serious Crash at Chicken:
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Hi guys, this is my video! I'm new to vingle, someone told me to come check it out because a lot of my videos were getting posted here. Thanks for sharing and enjoying my stuff, I might try posting my new edits here.
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@KTM2014 It only happened 3 days ago, the doc said it will probably take 6 weeks to fully heal
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oh cringing
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@Crunchie to be honest man this is the only video I've seen of yours, but @BenKaplan and @mikerosa92 told me you're the fuckin man and I believe em! So I'm gonna sub to your channel and binge watch your videos all night man. Right after I'm done cleaning my board.
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@BenKaplan holy shit you really have shared all my videos, you're the man! I'm glad you get so stoked on them
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