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Wu Yi Fan- There Is A Place!!
This song is so beautiful it is from the original soundtrack of Somewhere Only We Know!! I wish you heard him sing when he was apart of EXO they always got him to rap but his singing voice is so beautiful!! All credit goes to the owner of this video!! ( I do not own this video)! <3
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Althogh I don't speak Chinese, the song is beautiful. The singer have a caressing & hugging voice. His voice is so relaxing. I wish him a great ducces in his careers.
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I meant success.
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I would recommend you listen to Wu Yi Fan-Time Boils The Rain he has a soothing voice hope you like it^^
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@cassandratomas7 I listened to it and I love it!!!!! Thank you for the recommendation!!! :D
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@jiggzy19 I'm glad you liked it
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