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Disabling secure boot in Windows 8 is useful to do if you plan to dual boot your computer. Windows 8 replaced BIOS with UEFI, which comes with the secure boot features. This means it only boots loaders that are signed in to UEFI firmware. If you are dual booting with Linux, you would need to disable secure boot in order for it to work. Step 1. Go to PC Settings (Pic 2) Step 2. Go to General -> Advanced Settings then click on "Restart now". (If you are a Windows 8.1 User try goint to PC Settings -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup -> Restart Now) Step 3. Access UEFI Settings After clicking the restart now button you will be presented with options -> Click on Troubleshoots, the Advanced options (Pic 5 + 6) In advanced options, choose "UEFI Firmware settings" (Pic 7). Then click restart to change UEFI firmware settings (Pic 8). Step 4: Disable Secure boot by moving to the Boot tab where you will find a secure boot option. Use the +/- key to change selection, confirm that you want to save changes, then press F10 to save the changes and exit UEFI settings. Step 5. Windows should now boot normally and you should be able to dual boot with Ubuntu or other Linux OS. (via