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Everyone is frustrated with dry hair especially long hair beauties! If you need to revive your damaged mane here are 5 tips to make your hair happy again. 1. Healthy diet = Healthy Hair. I know this don't cross everyone's mind for treating hair, but beauty starts from the inside out. You are what you eat! If you want shiny and healthy hair eat food that'll give you antioxidants, vitamin B7, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12 and iron! You can find these in blueberries, spinach, egg, kale, salmon, avocado, banana, and nuts. 2. Invest in a boar-bristle brush. Boar bristle brush doesn't work as an ordinary brush. Before styling products like conditioner came to the scene, women use the boar-bristled brush as a conditioning treatment. When boar bristles run across your strands, your hair is coated with a small amount of sebum (I know it sounds gross, but it's natural), repairing hair and conditioning with shine. 3. Don’t towel-dry your hair. I have a habit of doing this whenever I step out of the shower. However, ladies, you have to resist! The fibers in the towel cause hair to tangle and frizz. Therefore, gently squeeze as much water from your hair before stepping out from the shower and softly set your style with a wide-tooth comb before drying naturally. If you need to go with a blow-dryer make sure to use it with a heat protective product to avoid damaging your mane! 4. Find the right shampoo. When searching for a shampoo look for words "anti-breakage," "strengthening," or "renewal" and avoid products with lots of chemicals or sulfates that strip your hair of its natural oils. During the cold weather, try washing less to let your natural oils shine. If you want to refresh second day hair a dry shampoo will add some body and style while keeping those healthy oils sealed in. 5. Moisturizing treatment with hair mask. Lucky you, I've found some pretty cool hair mask recipe to rescue your dry mane! - Deep Conditioning Mask for Silky Hair: - Homemade Banana/Avocado Nutrient Treatment for Natural Hair: - Peppermint Avocado Hair Mask:
I always use a tshirt to dry my hair and it really makes a difference!
I am loving all of those hair masks :)
This is so helpful. As I mentioned on my post I was getting annoyed with my dry hair ends. I'll definitely try out the boar-bristle brush. Also, thanks for featuring my card! :)
@kristenadams The only time I dried my hair a t-shirt is when I hit the beach (in San Diego), because I have nothing else.