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~ relationships is a full time job it takes patience's, trust, honesty, communication, compromise, and sacrifice....if one is not willing to participate it aint gonna work ~...
ahahahaha, that is one very awesome sayin :D
if one's love life chapter ends....move on to the next novel" callie.. i'm gonna update that on it!!
mines lyk dis -_- ahahahahahaha, n wahtz funny is tht i cn hold iht until i wanna let it go, tho i probably luuuk lyk dis al dae nweiz, lolz :D
nah....i got chu, lolz!!! u prolly havent met the one yet, who'll sweep you off your feet.... hmm, reminds me, i dont have poker face, i should mimic urs, lolz...
no i mean it, like i jus seem not to b able to like any guy, any guy who likes me or gives interest i put my best poker face (wij is my normal face) n if staring, look the other way but just a little to them, tilting towards their side n give them my message from the poker face look that I'm giving them: I'M NOT INTERESTED, SO BEAT IT HOMBRE!!! (lolz, iht gives me immense pleasure, [if thtz a word] lolz...)
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