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As much as I've complained about the Hobbit being split into 3 movies (yes, this is me doing it again!!!) I'm pretty excited to see this one!! I don't like the inconsistency of the worlds (does Gandalf know about the ring or not? If not, why doesn't Bilbo at least try to be sneaky about it, if his goal is to hide it?) I know that, in the books, the dwarves already know about the ring at this point, but within the movie universe, who knows what is much more unclear! I may not have loved the first parts of The Hobbit (too much comedic acting without the really LOTR feel of war) but, based on this really emotional scene, I think I'm finally going to get what I want!
@WordDoctor Yeah, I consider them to be their own universes, but I can't help making comparisons! I'm not so bothered about the difference from the book, but more about how I can't even pick out whether or not Gandalf clearly knows or doesn't; there's just some inconsistency in the movies, I think!!
Hmm, to me from this clip it looks like Gandalf does know about it or at least immediately guesses, then Bilbo and he share an understanding about that knowledge. Fortunately it has been several years since I read The Hobbit, so I was able to suspend any comparison to the book (which I think obviously it couldn't be faithful to, since the scale is so different). I actually appreciated the comedic elements, myself! Since I think the tone of The Hobbit and LOTR is different - but I can definitely see your points!