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Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice (New Release!)
Telltale Games are releasing a six part series of Game of Thrones called Iron From Ice. If you are unfamiliar with Telltale, they usually create games that are heavily story driven and usually involve a certain character making decisions toward a particular outcome. The first episode of Iron From Ice releases Dec. 2nd on PS4 and PC, Xbox One and 360 on Dec. 3rd, and on iOS and PS3 a few days later. The game seems to be made in high quality. The entire original HBO cast is doing voice acting for the game! The artistic design of the game itself follows Telltale's usual cartoon like art direction; some people may see this as a problem but I don't have a problem with the art direction.
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Can't wait for this! I am a huge fan of Telltale ever since I started playing their Walking Dead series!
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I'm excited about this, too! Thanks for letting us know! It looks pretty gory and heavy, just like the books and show haha. Actually, I like the art direction they took. It seems gothic and statuesque, which I think is appropriate to the story. And all the cast voices! Sweet! I might have to shell out for this one...
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