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Just saw this adorable indoor swing and I'm inspired to recreate one for my little space. But I'm not sure where to assemble it. If you have extra living space in your home you should give it a try. Materials: - Extra-strength yarn - Knitting needles (appropriate for the choice of yarn) - Crochet hook or yarn needle - 7 meters sturdy rope (before purchasing, make sure to determine length by measuring height to ceiling) - 2 x stripwood (cut to 25cm long. Make sure they’re wide enough to fit the rope with enough room around) - 2 x D-rings Preparation: Start by knitting the swing seat – cast on 30 stitches and knit in moss stitch until work measures the width of ONE thigh – the seat will expand when sat on. Cast off. Assembly: 1. Drill two holes big enough for the ropes at each end of the stripwood, leaving at least 1.5cm space around the hole. 2. Bind the knitted work to the stripwood using the Crocet hook or knitting needle. 3. Insert one end of the rope through the hole, and make a knot. 4. Loop the rope into the D-ring and hang onto ceiling, then repeat step 3 once the length is determined. Repeat on the other side.
The designer who thought of this is a genius! I love playground swings and I'd be so excited to have an indoor swing. Okay, now I'm thinking about making an indoor hammock.
I am so excited you have no idea!!! I really want to make this!
Probably the best thing I've seen today! I am for sure making this!